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See also: Finding Domain Names for Lawyers (by Attorney K. William Kyros, President of Lawyerviews) on choosing a domain name for your law firm.

Boston Business Journal, October 7, 1999 Legal Technicalities: Hub Lawyers Offer Web Services
By E. Douglas Banks has been Voted the #1 web site development company in the 1999 Lawyers Weekly Readers Choice Poll!!!
Feature Story: Web Sites Of Massachusetts Law Firms is the largest web site consulting firm and internet referral service for lawyers and law firms in Massachusetts. We have helped numerous lawyers and law firms set up practices online and more importantly we have helped clients find them. Headed by Boston internet lawyer- K. William Kyros- our referral service and web site development & consulting can help you and your firm establish an effective internet presence. We invite you to explore our site which features information about marketing on the internet and the success of our clients.

Call 617.424.1137 or fill out our online request form for more information.

Sites we have recently developed:

Child Trust-Dover, Massachusetts.
Law Offices of Michael P. Foley-Cheshire, Connecticut.
Hellenic Bar Association
Law Offices of K. William Kyros, P.C.-Boston, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers-Boston, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Dispute Resolution Services-Boston, Salem, Massachusetts. for Massachusetts laws.
Merrimack Mediation-Chelsmford, Massachusetts.
McGregor & Associates, P.C.-Boston, Massachusetts.
Milne Law Offices-Dover, Massachusetts.
Geoffrey G. Nathan-Quincy, Boston Massachusetts.
Law Offices of Stephen G. Morte-Marlborough, Bolton, Massachusetts.
New York Criminal Lawyers Online
New York Injury Lawyers
O'Brien & Levine (Court Reporting Agency)-Boston, Massachusetts. Driving web site.
Rodgers & Associates PC- Boston, Massachusetts.
Tamagini & Bloomenthal, PC-Waltham, Massachusetts.
Marcia S. Wagner, Esq. & Associates, P.C.-Boston, Massachusetts.
Weber & Baum-Newton, Massachusetts.
Bruce E. Weinstein, CPA, Esq.-West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

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Web Sites Of Massachusetts Law Firms

Increasing Your Web Sites Exposure & Looking at Some Law Firm Web Sites.

Low-Cost Marketing for Small Firms-Getting Your Name Out-And Bringing In New Clients Doesn't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Why Lawyers need to embrace technology:

What makes a Site Successful?: Information & Innovation Rule. By Konstantine William Kyros, Esq.

LawyerViews Propaganda: your firm needs to set-up an office online

Lawyers and the web are a perfect fit, but many lawyers remain skeptical. By Konstantine William Kyros, Esq.

A Brief History of the Internet. By Konstantine William Kyros, Esq.

The Economics of the Internet.

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